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    Oryxarms is a distributor of firearms and firearms accessories to dealers, as well as end users.
  • SAS II TAC Commander

    The commander model features a 4.25″ barrel and picatinny rail.
  • SAS II UL Viper

    The VIPER is the perfect carry gun. A lightweight and easily concealable package that you can carry all day, everyday.

    The ODS-1775 AKM Pattern Rifle and Pistol are a revolutionary modification to the AK platform, based around a free float MERC handguard.

    Built with a 15 or 19 round grip, a fluted match grade barrel, lightweight aluminum frame and front slide serrations you get the best of all worlds, without compromising on anything.
Featured firearms

Featured Firearms

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Accesories Categories
Accesories Categories
Featured firearms accesories

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Firearm Accesory Category - EDC

EDC (Every Day Carry)

EDC (Every Day Carry)

Firearms and equipment for when things go bad.
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SAS II UL - Firearms, pistols, bul armory, oryx arms, guns, edc
Firearm Accesory Category - Tactical
Sas II Tac Commander - Firearms, pistols, bul armory, oryx arms, guns, tactical



Mission driven gear for special situations.
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Firearm Accesory Category - Competition



Everything you need to dominate your competition in USPSA, IDPA, 3 Gun, Steel Challenge, Bianchi, etc.
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BULLESTEROS - Firearms, pistols, bul armory, oryx arms, guns, competition

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