About us

About Us

We want you to win

Whether in competition, on the street or in the hunting field. Oryx Arms offers best value products to help you to achieve your goal.

Oryx Arms is the passion of a long time competitive shooter, hunter and gun enthusiast. Paul has competed at the highest levels of competition, hunted 3 different continents and is passionate about the outdoors.

About OryxArms


We are a internet based business and do not have a store front. You are most welcome to setup an appointment to visit us, have a cup of coffee, view and discuss guns. We are located in Houston, TX. We also travel the country shooting USPSA matches so check with us to see if we’re at your local match.

See attached our Oryx Arms Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale. We have a back to back warranty with the manufacturer, and stand by all our the products we sell. We’ll make sure you’re happy. Our integrity and your satisfaction is most important.

Unfortunately we do not ship to California.

Give us a call, pop us an email, text us, we will send you an estimate or invoice with instructions on how to pay online via Quickbooks.

You can also phone us and we’ll take your card details online and process it. We also accept payment via, Venmo, Zelle, check, Crypto currencies.

We do not keep any credit card details !! Send us your FFL details and we’re set to go.

We typically ship next day after receiving FFL details and payment. We ship 2 day express.

Reach out to Bul Armory, CRspeed via their website to confirm that we are an authorized dealer. Check out our pics and shooting videos on Instagram to see that we love what we do.

Use the contact details provided.

We may not always answer the phone but we will call you back. Text us, messenger us, …. We’re often up at night or early morning (unless we’re shooting a competition) answering emails.

You can visit our Contacts page to send us a message.

At the moment we’re focused on Bul firearms, Archon and accessories.

We are committed to those product brands because we use them, shoot them, and have a deep understanding of the product.

We will be bringing on new products over time as we grow our business and more importantly grow our expertise.

Give us a call.

We have extensive experience in competition shooting (competed at 2 world championships), self defense, loading of ammunition (load rifle, pistol, revolver, black powder, …), hunting (hunted 3 different continents), … I’m sure we will be able to help. If not we will find the right resource for you.

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Download Catalogue Section

Our Catalogue

Within our catalog, you will find the latest firearms that OryxArms offers to our clients.

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Featured firearms

Featured Firearms

Our best firearm picks for you.

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Firearm Accesory Category - EDC

EDC (Every Day Carry)

EDC (Every Day Carry)

Firearms and equipment for when things go bad.
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SAS II UL - Firearms, pistols, bul armory, oryx arms, guns, edc
Firearm Accesory Category - Tactical
Sas II Tac Commander - Firearms, pistols, bul armory, oryx arms, guns, tactical



Mission driven gear for special situations.
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Firearm Accesory Category - Competition



Everything you need to dominate your competition in USPSA, IDPA, 3 Gun, Steel Challenge, Bianchi, etc.
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BULLESTEROS - Firearms, pistols, bul armory, oryx arms, guns, competition